• Bin Systems

    • Create a complete storage system on walls or on the back of shelving.
    • Panels provide a versatile structure that let's you build your own Akro Bin System.
    Panels are available in 18" x 36" widths. Two louvered racks available. Two bench racks available chat support 120 lbs. Free standing floor rack supports 2000 lbs. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Louvered Hanging Systems

    • Maximize parts storage and handling efficiency
    • Secure stationary racks to the wall or floor and wall-mountable panels to a solid structure
    More Options to Organize More Efficiently!
    Redesigned construction allows a more finished look, while still providing the same strength and durability of other Akro-Mils panels. Set up time and installation are quick and easy. Combined with other Akro-Mils storage products, these new panels and racks will help you make optimal use of your available space. Gray in color- Select items available in Beige - please specify. FOB Shipping Point.

    Akro Bins sold separately