• Bulk Containers

    • Bulk Container Selection Guide
      With all the styles, sizes, and options available with bulk containers, it can be a challenge to choose the right one for your application. This guide will help you through the process by providing you with the basic information needed to select a container, including details on construction, weight capacities, drop doors, stackability, and other features.
    • Bulk Box Capacity Guide
      Medium Duty: 1500 pounds or less. Versatile container group suited to handle a majority of storage requirements and transportation demands.

      Standard Duty: 1501-2000 pounds. Typically used to transport dense industrial parts and automotive components in high volume applications.

      Heavy-duty: 1800-2500 pounds. Recommended in demanding situations with heavy, free flowing loads and/or in a rough material handling environment. Features steel reinforcement in high impact areas coupled with a unique wall locking design.
    • Purchase Considerations
      Compatibility: Will the container need to stack with others that are already in your, or your customer's plant?

      Stackability: Will you be stacking one full container on top of another? Note the stacking height restrictions.

      Return Ratio: Some containers fold down to a lower height than others, saving space and freight charges on return trips. Example - 3:1 ratio means 3 collapsed units equal the height of 1 erect container.

      Collapsibility: Don't need to collapse a container? Choose from numerous fixed height models.

      Drop Doors: These are the small fold down doors on some of the walls. They allow easy, ergonomic access to contents.

      Latch Style: Some containers offer snap-lock style latches to easily open and close drop doors and to easily collapse walls. Heavy-duty models offer post & pocket latches that are less prone to damage.

      Lids: Optional lids protect contents from dust and damage. Containers can be stacked with or without the lids.

      Special Conditions: Always consider testing a container under actual conditions to determine suitability.

  • Fixed-Height Non-Collapsible Containers

    • Constructed of durable HDPE material.
    • Plastic runners or independent foot support.
    Built tough with HDPE structural foam with steel reinforcement. Available for loads from 900 to 2300 lbs. Features strong interlocking post and pocket wall panel design. Steel base runners and corner hit plates deflect fork lift impact. Two drop doors utilizing post and pocket design. Two or four way entry. Available in Blue or FDA approved material in White. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Bulk Containers

    Optional lids further protect contents from dirt, dust and damage. Containers can be stacked with lids. Black in color. FOB Shipping Point.