• Cantilever Racks

    • Organize all your inventory for instant selection.
    • Instant accessibility to one piece or a full load.
    Makes efficient, time-saving work of storing long or awkward lengths of pipe, bar, tubing, lumber, poles, etc. Forklift easily loads on or off arms and bases. Bases can be used for extra storage. For longer materials, simply add braces and upright columns to fit your needs. Arms are adjustable 3" up and down the full length of the upright. Uprights are punched on both sides for use as single-sided or double-sided units. All rugged heavy-gauge steel construction for sure, safe support of heavy loads and long life. FOB Shipping Point.

    ForkliftEASILYloads on or off arms and bases.

  • Hair Pin Keeper

    Permits instant adjustability of arms. Easily inserted and removed for adjustment of arm height. Cannot be worked loose in service.