• Rubber Speed Humps

    Gently slows traffic to 5-10 mph. Ideal in neighborhoods, construction areas, hospitals, post office and airports. Easy tongue and groove installation. Feature two end caps and five middle sections. Embedded highway tape ensures high visibility. Constructed of recycled and virgin rubber. Hardware kits included. Capacity 40,000 lbs. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Dock Area Equipment

    • Help control parking and driving safely with Car Stops & Speed Bumps.
    • Units are lightweight and install quickly and easily on either concrete or asphalt, and may simply be relocated for snow removal, seal coating, or if your needs change.
    Constructed of solid recycled plastic, these Car Stops & Speed Bumps resist marring by oil, road salt, sunlight and chemicals. Speed Bumps feature dual 1" W x 3/4" H channel to run cables underneath. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Steel Yard Ramps

    • Yard Ramps provide flexibility with ground-level loading.
    • Reduces material handling costs, expedite loading and utilize dock mobility.
    Unit is easy to operate with a manual hand crank system with a service range of 45- 62". Standard features include: maximum traction steel grating, safety locking chains, 9" steel wheels, 4" high safety curbs and rubber bumpers. Optional features include: pneumatic tires, hand pump hydraulic or DC lift, fork lift pickup slots, tow bar loop, tow bar hitch and handrails. Aluminum yard ramps also available. FOB Shipping Point.

    REDUCESmaterial handling costs, expedite loading.

    36'L. ramps include 30' of ramping and a 6' level off. Other sizes and capacities available.

    Due to current market conditions steel surcharges fluctuate. Please call to confirm current pricing.

  • Rug Rams/Carpet Poles

    • Transport rolls of carpet with the tough Rug Rams/Carpet Poles.
    • Available in either Fork Mounted or Carriage styles.
    Strong 2-3/4" dia., high strength, rotatable, replaceable pole has tapered tip for easy entry. Made of steel construction to handle loads up to 2500 lbs. Blue in color. FOB Shipping Point.