• Dockleveler Insulation Blanket

    Using the Insulation Blanket will improve heating efficiency and will save energy. They will pay for themselves many times over by controlling heat loss. The Insulation Blanket is water and mildew resistant. Aluminum extrusion and anchors are provided. Hangers to attach to the door for storing the blanket are standard. A DVD or Video is available- contact dealer. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Dock Seals for 8' x 8' High Door

    • Combines the advantage of low cost and excellent sealing action.
    • Designed for maximum energy savings with long-lasting features.
    For use with a 8' H x 8' W doors. 36 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl facing has a higher tear strength than equivalent weight hypalon. Chemically sealed ends prevent moisture infiltration. Full height air escape tunnel. Mounted and bonded on durable wolmanized wood. 2" nylon reinforced vinyl guide stripes. Through the wall installation kits included. Three piece construction; top - 12" H x 114" W x 10" projection; sides 96" H x 10" projection with beveled sides with 9.5" at the wall, and 12" at the face. Dock Seals overall height are 108" H x 120" W. and Door Openings are 8'H x 8'W.All dock seals and shelters in this category are not returnable.FOB Shipping Point.

  • Dock Seals for 8' x 8' High Door
  • Quilted Moving Pads

    Cushion and protect furniture, machinery and electronic equipment. Each pad measures 72" wide by 80" long. Units are sold a dozen at a time. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Dock Shelters

    • A shelter with full height and width access to the rear of the trailer.
    • Ideal for trucks with varying heights, where the entire truck opening must be accessible for loading.
    For use with doors up to 10' W x 10' H. Also reduces oversized doors to match truck opening. Long wear Vestax V-42 fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. Fiberglass staves are sewn in the panel. Seal is formed along the sides and top of the truck when the vertical and top panels are pushed inward by the truck. Supporting structure is made of 2 x 4 wolmanized lumber. Shelter 1147.00 is protected by safety yellow steel guide protectors. The top header piece measures 132" W and contains a drop curtain which measures 36" H. Two vertical pieces measure 126" tall with vertical flaps measuring 21" W. When installed the shelter will close door opening down to 90" W x 90" H opening (between flaps). Additional features include bottom corner draft pads, steel guide protectors and vertical guide strips on vertical flaps.All dock seals and shelters in this category are not returnable.FOB Shipping Point.