• Aluminum Truck Dock Plates

    • The convenient, safe and easy way to access loading docks from trucks.
    • 11º bend in the plate allows edges to be flush at dock and truck for smooth material transfer.
    • Locking legs are located at 11".
    • Bend or Crown of lip is 11" and located 9" from dock plate edge.
    Lightweight and easily portable by just one person. Tread plate surface ensures skid-free safe traction. Beveled edges reduce tire wear and excessive equipment jarring. Locking legs secure the plate for safe loading and unloading. Complete with carrying handles attached to the locking legs. Zinc plated legs and handles. Additional size available. FOB Shipping Point.

    Selecting Your Decollate
  • Rolling Load Capacity
    2 wheel hand trucks (Total Load 100%)
    4 wheel platform trucks (Total Load 50%)
    pallet trucks (Total Load 66%)
  • Height Difference
    Measure the difference in height between the truck and loading dock.
  • Determine Your Model
    DO NOT exceed height difference or select too low of capacity.
  • Rugged Aluminum Truck Dockboards

    • Safety angle understructure provides reinforcement for heavy loads.
    Engineered and built to safely handle heavy forklifts and loads. Safety angle understructure provides reinforcement for heavy loads. Locking legs prevent movement during loading and unloading operations. Welded aluminum safety curbs prevent accidental runoffs. Locking legs are uneven to allow the dockboard to sit canted, while not in use for easier pickup by forklifts. Additional sizes and capacities to 20,000 lbs. available. FOB Shipping Point.
    • Beveled edges for smooth entry and exit.
    • High strength treadplate design ensures positive traction.
    • Bend is 11º and 9" from edge.
    • Legs are 12" from edge.

  • Aluminum Dockboards With Steel Curbs

    This dockboard is designed for extra strength and safety. Deck is made of tough, high strength aluminum treadplate. Safety curbs are steel painted yellow and are constructed of structural steel with cast tapered ends. Steel legs are bolted for increased durability. Optional accessories: Lifting Chains, Wheel/Handle Kit and Lever Lift™. When using three wheeled fork trucks, select capacity +20% due to concentrated load on center. FOB Shipping Point.

    • Canted locking legs for easier fork truck portability.
    • Side curbs painted safety yellow.
    • Beveled edges for smooth entry and exit.
    • Treadplate design ensures positive traction.
    • Bend is 11º and 9" from edge.
    • Legs are 12" from edge.
    Due to current market conditions steel surcharges fluctuate. Please call to confirm current pricing.

  • Edge-O-Dock Levelers

    • The Edge-O-Dock can never slip out of position, get lost or stolen and eliminates pinched fingers and toes.
    Guards keep feet from under ramp. It's easy to operate. Spot trailer then put lip up and in. Lip automatically drops when truck pulls away. Counterbalance spring easily adjusts to desired tension. All heavy-duty steel construction, takes a pounding year after year. All Edge-O-Docks have a height differential of ±5". Standard with 27" ramping length. Dock bumpers measure 2" x 8" x 18". Installs easily with complete instructions. Available in either mechanical or hand pump hydraulic or electric models. Hydraulic features long lasting pump, cylinder, lines and fluid. Dock height must be minimum 48" high. FOB Shipping Point. Mechanical (Series FM) Hand Pump Hydraulic (Series PP) Electric Hydraulic (Series PE) Power unit mounted underneath.

    Call for higher capacity applications.

  • Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboards

    • Lightweight and can be carried and positioned by one person.
    Diamond tread surface and beveled edges provide safe and smooth entry and exit. Bend is designed to keep ramp edges flush with the dock surface and truck floor. Full length aluminum curbs provide hand holds and prevent runoffs. Includes steel safety locking legs. Plate and angles are welded - legs are bolted on. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Steel Truck Dock Boards

    • Lever Lift™ feature permits convenient transfer with your forklift truck.
    Heavy-duty steel dock board is especially designed for ease of transfer. First, pull up Lever Lift™ handle, position forks under dockboard and it's ready to move or reposition. Beveled edges on both ends permit smooth entry and exit. Deck is checkered for safe, efficient use. Safety stops eliminate ramp movement. Lip is 9", crowned at truck end. Side rail ends are safety sloped. Meets OSHA requirements. FOB Shipping Point. Manually lift lever to raise dock board off the floor. Position forks under board…lever automatically falls when board is lifted. Ready to load, lever is out of the way.

    Deduct 6" for usable width. Aluminum dock boards also available. Call for variable sizes and capacities.

    Due to current market conditions steel surcharges fluctuate. Please call to confirm current pricing.

  • Aluminum Mini-Dockboards "Curb Jumpers"

    • Scale 3" to 6" curbs and high door thresholds with these easy to handle Curb Jumpers.
    Perfect for use with hand trucks making deliveries. Rugged aluminum construction is lightweight for simple one person handling. Features carrying handle and diamond tread surface for non-slip traction. FOB Shipping Point.