• Drum Trucks

    • This quality self-stander features a replaceable floating spring loaded axle for easy breaking back drums.
    • Stands alone without a kickstand.
    Rugged 1-1/4" O.D. steel frame is double welded for extra strength. Chime hook handles both steel and fiber drums. Beveled toes are replaceable. Handles 1,000 lbs. FOB Shipping Point.

  • ME-H62P

    • Features 1 1/4" O.D. steel frame, all double welded construction for long life.
    • Complete with all steel wedge toes, and beveled for easy loading.
    Sliding chime hook adjusts for 30 and 55 gal. drums. Rolls smoothly on 10 x 2 1/4" plain bore polyolefin wheels. Measures 61" H x 25 1/2" W. 1000 lb. capacity. Ships via UPS. FOB Shipping Point.

  • ME-H23VR

    • Balanced to stand upright, without support to save space and prevent accidental tripping.
    • Drum is held securely to truck's frame.
    Features unique chime hook that handles either steel or fiber drums. Tough, heavy-duty construction holds up under rough use...easily handles up to 1,000 lbs. Rolls smoothly on 10" x 2 1/2" moldon rubber wheels with 1" roller bearings. Stands 59" H x 24 1/2" W. FOB Shipping Point.

    Affordable and Durable.

  • Hustler Drum Trucks

    • Provides perfect balance for loading and moving steel or fiber drums.
    • Small rollers behind the toes speed loading and unloading from pallets.
    Drum is held securely in place with chime hook. Heavy-duty construction means long life and 1,000 lb. capacity. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Tandem and Drainer Drum Trucks

    • Two trucks that let you leave the drum right on the truck… without operator support.
    • Perfectly balanced for simple breaking back over rear wheels…ideal for pallet loading and unloading.
    Dual purpose chime hook (tandem only) handles both steel or fiber drums. Trucks stand upright both loaded and unloaded. Adjustable chime hook. Husky trucks handle up to 1,000 lbs. Drainer style designed to dispense liquids from 55 gal. drum into a 5 gal. container. 14" drain height. FOB Shipping Point.

    Trucks Stand Upright Both LOADED and UNLOADED.