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    With a modular in-plant office, you can create a room within your warehouse or manufacturing plant that is quiet and clean, perfect for office personnel.
    These modular warehouse offices can be installed almost anywhere in your warehouse. In the event that you decide to create a new layout for your manufacturing plant, you can easily modify or redesign your modular in-plant office to fit your new arrangement.

    The perfect way to construct walls. LEEDwall™ systems provide "building blocks" for modular building systems. With multiple systems and numerous wall types, core options, coating and panel finishes, there is the perfect solution to your application and budget. Windows must be ordered separately. FOB Shipping Point.

    In-Plant Offices Include:
    • Appropriate number of 9' H. x 3" thick wall panels, channels, posts, corners, fascia, door lockset, fasteners and hardware.
    • One right-hand swing 40" W. x 84" H. steel door with 3/16" tempered safety glass window, 24" x 30". Pre-hung tan door with stainless steel grade II knob lock and hardware.
    • Lay-in acoustical ceiling white, 2 x 4' grid and mineral tiles.
    • Circuit breaker included.
    • 22 ga. steel ribbed roof deck.
    • Steel beams on 16' x 16' units.
    • Appropriate number of light fixtures to provide 75' candles of lighting per unit.
    • Complete bill of materials and layout design.
    • All dimensions are nominal centerline of wall. Ceiling height is 90 - 96".

  • Custom Solutions

    Whatever your project or scope, National Partitions modular building systems include various applications to solve your space problems quickly and for less investment than conventional construction methods.
    Guard Buildings - Designed for demanding weather conditions. These structures are ideal as fixed offices. Forkliftable, prewired and ready for occupancy.
    Vision Towers - Clear wide spans allow open space below for work areas. Can be designed to meet seismic zone requirements.
    Two Story - Allows for maximum use of limited space. Excellent for supervisory offices with a clear view of work areas.