• Rubbermaid® Poly Tilt Trucks

    • Specialty designed to handle bulky, medium- to-heavy weight material.
    • Easy to handle, maneuver and dump contents.
    Sturdy, plastic construction weight much less than metal. Smooth surface it easy to clean and resists pitting and corroding. Black in color, except T1305-73 which is Blue. Special run colors available. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Ladder Carts

    • Ladder is centrally located on the cart for stability and security.
    • Protect walls and doors from damage when transporting up to 6' ladder.
    Ideal for every day maintenance work around the plant, warehouse or office. A handy organizer of tools and parts. This unique cart is easy to maneuver around obstacles because the height dimension is greater than the length dimension, which reduces the turning radius. Metal perforated cabinet with hasp allows daylight inside to see tools and supplies. Strong structural integrity prevents break-ins. Black color. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Structural Foam Tilt Trucks

    • Durable molded trucks handle heavy loads with ease.
    • Unibody design promotes A more discrete appearance.
    Designed for durability using modern structural foam technology. The frameless design supports USDA Meat and Poultry Equipment Compliance. Fits through standard commercial doorways. The ergonomically designed steering wheel handle provides excellent handling and maneuvering. Specifically designed for controlled dumping by one person. Inset wheel positions prevents damage to surroundings. Optional hinged domed lids are available. Available in 3 sizes 1/2, 1/4 and 1 cu. yd. Features large, non-marking casters. Large capacity up to 2.100 lbs. Black in color. FOB Shipping Point.

    Strength and Durability
    Structural foam molding eliminates the need for a metal frame and provides a seamless, leak-proof body that won't rust, chip, dent or peel.

  • Cube Trucks

    • A complete line of trucks for waste collection. material transport, and laundry handling.
    • Rotational Molding technology makes these trucks strong and durable.
    Standard Duty models are designed to support USDA Meat and Poultry Equipment Compliance. Assists in complying with HACCP guidelines. Diamond caster pattern provides superior maneuverability. Optional hinged domed lids are available. Trucks and lids are Black in color. FOB Shipping Point.