• Ergonomic Lift Equipment and Tables

    • Load and unload trucks without a dock with this hefty scissors lift.
    • Engineered for maximum safety and efficiency.
    Saves time and reduces man-hours where there are no docks. Checkered plate deck is made of heavy gauge steel for hard use. Hydraulic unit features emergency automatic stop if line breaks. Complete with upper travel limit switch, and overload relief. Push-button control is 24 volt on 20' coiled cord. Prewired control box includes Magnetic Starter and overload fuse. High visible hand rails are removable. Built for years of daily use, with minimum maintenance. Standard 6.5 HP 208-230/460 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz motor. FOB Shipping Point.

    Two Speed Pump
    Replace standard pump with 2 speed and increase lifting speed by 55% when lift is unloaded.
    HWL-TSPPrice Ea.$506.00. Warning Beeper & Strobe
    Sounds and flashes during the lift and lowering operation. 80 decibels.
    HWL-WBPrice Ea.$422.00

    Stop Signal Sign

    Guides driver so truck will be properly positioned. Prevents damage to the truck door and scissor lift. Driver backs up until truck touches signal arm. Adjustable height and projection for different truck-to-dock requirements.
    HWL-SSSWt. 20 (lbs.) Price Ea.$105.00

  • Ground Lift Scissors Table

    • Utilize the scissors table without the expense and inconvenience of ramps or fork lifts.
    • Deck lowers to floor level requiring only one person using a standard pallet truck to utilize skids, pallets, baskets, etc.
    • Exclusive Electric Toe guard - on lip edge provides maximum operator safety. The edge is beveled for easy entry.
    • Upward Travel Limit Switch - is field adjustable.
    • 3000 PSI - component rating on swaged hoses and fittings.
    • Safety Brass Velocity Fuse - in cylinders prevents drop of table in event of hydraulic failure.
    • Heavy-duty Torsion Tube - is 3" dia. solid steel rod to provide maximum lateral stability.
    • Remote Power Unit - measures 32 1/2" L. x 12" W. x 12 1/2" H.
    • Standard Foot Control - includes 8' of cord.
    Contact factory for accordion skirting other sizes. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Scissor Lift Tables

    • Lifts machinery, parts, work in process material, etc., easily and smoothly thanks to durable, hydraulic components.
    • State-of-the art bushings keep wear to a minimum.
    Hardened pins reduce wear. Strong chrome-plated piston cylinders resist rust and corrosion. Cylinder is honed hydraulic tubing. Safety toe guard automatically stops platform if lift comes down on toe or other objects - meets OSHA requirements. Emergency lockup automatically locks platform if hydraulic pressure is inadvertently lost. FOB Shipping Point.
    • All Welded Steel construction meets AWS standard.
    • Travel 36" standard, 48", 60", 72" available.
    • 3000 PSI Component rating on crimped hoses and fittings.
    • Brass Safety Velocity Fuse in cylinder protect against sudden drop.
    • Junction Box (Nema 4)
    • Removable/Replaceable Sate-of-the-Art Bushings and Pins for long life.
    • Case Carbonized Rollers
    • 56 Frame 2HP Motor helps to insure maximum life and efficiency. Accordion Skirt Optional.
    • Hand Control Liquid Tight fused 24v pendant control.
    • Adjustable Upward Travel Limit Switch.
    • Patented Pinch Point Guard complies with ANSI MH.29.1-1994 and OSHA section 1910.2.2(a)(3)(ii).
    Strong chrome plated piston cylinders resist rust and corrosion.