• Rear caster allows small diameter turns in tight areas.
Combination 2 handle and utility bar handle for maximum handling flexibility. Distribution of load over 4 wheels improves load control. All wheels have ball bearings. Overall size 47.5" H. x 20.5" W. 8" D. nose plate. 800 lb. load capacity. Front wheels are 10" x 2.75" Semi-Pneumatic. Rear wheels are 4" x 1.25" Poly/swivel casters. FOB Shipping Point.
Unit of Measure


Weight Capacity

N/A 800 lb

Overall Height

N/A 47.5 in

Overall Width

N/A 20.5 in

Overall Depth

N/A 8 in


N/A 53 lb

Front Wheels

N/A 10" x 2.75" Semi-Pneumatic

Rear Wheels

N/A 4" x 1.25" Poly/swivel casters