• Adjustable fork width from 21" to 27" or anywhere in between.
  • Just loosen and reset front and rear adjusting bolts.
One truck does the work of two. Handles loads up to 5500 lbs. Features 3" W. polyurethane load wheels. Adjustable fork connecting rods. Overload bypass valve. Rubber coated handle. Entry and exit rollers. 7.5" raised height. 3" lowered height. 3" load wheels and 8" steering wheels - both mold on polyurethane. FOB Shipping Point.
Unit of Measure


Fork Width Range

N/A 21 to 27 in

Weight Capacity

N/A 5500 lb

Wheel Material

N/A Polyurethane

Raised Height

N/A 7.5 in

Lowered Height

N/A 3 in


N/A 200 lb