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Pallet Trucks

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Adjustable Width Pallet Truck

Adjustable Width Pallet Truck

  • Adjustable fork width from 21" to 27" or anywhere in between.
  • Just loosen and reset front and rear adjusting bolts.

    One truck does the work of two. Handles loads up to 5500 lbs. Features 3"W. polyurethane load wheels. Adjustable fork connecting rods. Overload bypass valve. Rubber coated handle. Entry and exit rollers. 7.5" raised height. 3" lowered height. 3" load wheels and 8" steering wheels - both moldon polyurethane. FOB Shipping Point.
  • Foot Pump Pallet Truck

    Foot Pump Pallet Truck

  • Unique foot pump feature.

    Patent pending foot pedal gives the option of using the foot pedal to raise the forks when space constraints make it difficult to use the handle. Lifts loads up to 5,500 lbs. Features pump overload, rubber coated handle, adjustable fork tie rods, exit rollers, 200º steering, tapered fork tips and heavy-duty 8 ga. 6"W. reinforced forks. 8" steering wheels and 3" load wheels - both moldon polyurethane. 8" raised height. 3" lowered height. Fork size 27" x 48". FOB Shipping Point.
  • CPI Economy Pallet Trucks

    CPI Economy Pallet Trucks

  • Durable and affordable pallet truck
  • Features polyurethane load and steering wheels.

    Safely and easily lift and move pallets up to 5500 lbs. Features adjustable fork connecting rods. Overload bypass. Rubber coated handle. 7.25" raised height. 2.9" lowered height. 6"W. forks. 2 year pump warranty. FOB Shipping Point.
  • Manual High Lift Pallet Trucks

    Manual High Lift Pallet Trucks

  • Lift 2200 lb. pallet loads up to 31.5" with ease.
  • Features loop handle with inside hand control.

    Rolls smoothly on moldon polyurethane wheels. 180º steering arc. Closed pallets must be placed on top of forks. 3.6" lowered fork height. FOB Shipping Point.
  • The Scale Trucks

    The Scale Trucks

  • Lift, transfer and weigh loads up to 5000 lbs.
  • Weighing accuracy + or - 0.22 lbs. or 3.5 oz.

    Features LCD display scale. Metler-Toledo Hawk scale/sensor. UL approved scale operates on 6-D cell batteries or AC. 3 position hand control. 205º turning radius. 2.9" lowered height. 8" raised height. FOB Shipping Point.
  • Electric High Lift Pallet Trucks

    Electric High Lift Pallet Trucks

  • Lift 3000 lb. loads up to 31" in 10-12 seconds.
  • Includes 12V battery charger.

    Ideal for work positioning stations. Smooth operating battery lifter makes short work of heavy loads. Easy one man operation saves time and effort. Rolls smoothly on polyurethane Wheels. 180º steering radius. 3.3" lowered height. Comfort coated handles. FOB Shipping Point.