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Safety Mirrors

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The Econo-Vision

The Econo-Vision Mirrors

  • A low cost acrylic mirror that's designed for lasting value and economy.
  • This indoor convex mirror is made of grade "A" optical acrylic lens and features durable ball swivels.
  • Lightweight for easier handling. Installs easily. FOB Shipping Point.
  • Wide Angle Safety Mirrors

    Wide Angle Safety Mirrors

  • Prevent accidents, injury and theft!
  • Convex mirrors provide instant visual checks down aisle ways, corridors, lanes, etc.

    Eliminate those blind spots and danger areas. Prevent those costly accidents reduce insurance rates. Reduce employee or customer theft of expensive merchandise. Convex mirrors are built to last. Mirror backing is a heavy silver deposit protected by a coating of copper paint for maximum reflection power. Trim is finished in a long-lasting non-tarnish metallic plastic. Heavy duty ball socket permits easy, pinpoint adjustment. Installs easily from wall or ceiling with rugged mounting bracket provided. Available in glass or acrylic. FOB Shipping Point.

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  • Dome 360º Drop-In Mirrors

    Dome 360º Drop-In Mirrors

  • For suspended ceiling use.

    All around vision for suspended ceiling applications. Drop-In Dome 360º acrylic mirrors are available in regular mirror and CCTV see-thru observation domes. Designed to replace your ceiling panel, each dome comes complete with a 2' x 2' Drop-In panel (2' x 4' panel also available). FOB Shipping Point.
  • flat-acrylic-ceiling-panel-mirrors129-

    Flat Acrylic Mirror Ceiling Panels

  • For suspended ceiling use.

    For overhead observation where wide angle vision is not required. Designed to replace your existing ceiling tile. FOB Shipping Point.
  • The Sentinel Domes

    The Sentinel Domes

  • A new dimension in security and safety mirrors.
  • Available in 360º, 180º, or 90º.

    Made of lightweight, shatter-proof acrylic, this high reflective mirrored surface permits either 360º, 180º or 90º vision. 360º dome provides all-around viewing for 4-way intersections. 180º provides 3-way vision for "T" intersections, 90º dome provides 2-way vision for "L" intersections. Deters pilferage and requires no maintenance. Decorative domes blend in with any decor. Installs easily. FOB Shipping Point.