• Modular Acoustic Screens

    • Cost effective, off-the-shelf noise barriers reduce and contain excessive noise.
    • Easily moved from place to place.
    Can be used individually or joined together to form a noise-reducing enclosure. Features a sturdy tubular steel frame complete with platform legs and a sound barrier curtain that combines a mass loaded vinyl barrier material with a gray fiberglass noise absorber. Each screen forms a continuous noise barrier with adjacent screens by means of a 2" W hook and loop fasteners on each curtain edge. Easy-to-assemble slip-joint frames have a Black epoxy finish. Sturdy adjustable platform legs for stability. Exceeds ASTM-E-84 Flame and Smoke "Class A" Fire Ratings. Has STC rating of 25db. NRC = 0.70. Shipped K.D. FOB Shipping Point.

  • (QFM) Wall Noise Barriers

    • Lightweight, semi-flexible and easy-to-handle sound absorber.
    • Used on walls or ceilings in areas with excessive noise or echoing.
    Provides up to 12 dBA reduction in ambient noise depending on the noise source. Features a vinyl-coated gray facing cloth quilted to a supporting 2 lb./cu. ft. density fiberglass. Tough, permanent outer shell is resistant to oil, grease and mildew. Easily wiped clean. Attractive metallic gray color enhances area lighting. Complete with brass grommets for easy hanging. Rated Class I building material for ASTM E-84 tunnel test for flammability. FOB Shipping Point.

  • (QFM) Bulk Rolls

    • Fabricate your own enclosures or cover large areas with Quilted Fiberglass Material.
    • Great for custom projects.
    An excellent noise absorber made of high quality vinyl-coated facing cloth quilted to a supporting 2 lb./cu. ft. density fiberglass. Outer shell is resistant to oil, grease and mildew and can be wiped clean. Available in Gray, White or Tan - please specify. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Acoustic Foams

    • Economical, do-it-yourself, noise absorber.
    • Easily mounts to walls, ceilings, or machinery.
    Cut to size and adhere with Sound Stick Adhesive on almost any surface. Available in your choice of Convoluted, Aluminized Mylar Facing or Standard Open-Celled. FOB Shipping Point.