• Cost effective, off-the-shelf noise barriers reduce and contain excessive noise.
  • Easily moved from place to place.
Can be used individually or joined together to form a noise-reducing enclosure. Features a sturdy tubular steel frame complete with platform legs and a sound barrier curtain that combines a mass loaded vinyl barrier material with a gray fiberglass noise absorber. Each screen forms a continuous noise barrier with adjacent screens by means of a 2" W hook and loop fasteners on each curtain edge. Easy-to-assemble slip-joint frames have a Black epoxy finish. Sturdy adjustable platform legs for stability. Exceeds ASTM-E-84 Flame and Smoke "Class A" Fire Ratings. Has STC rating of 25db. NRC = 0.70. Shipped K.D. FOB Shipping Point.
Unit of Measure



N/A 4 ft


N/A 8 ft


N/A Black Epoxy Finish


N/A 25 dB

NRC Rating

N/A 0.70


N/A 56 lb