• Maximize parts storage and handling efficiency
  • Secure stationary racks to the wall or floor and wall-mountable panels to a solid structure
More Options to Organize More Efficiently!
Redesigned construction allows a more finished look, while still providing the same strength and durability of other Akro-Mils panels. Set up time and installation are quick and easy. Combined with other Akro-Mils storage products, these new panels and racks will help you make optimal use of your available space. Gray in color- Select items available in Beige - please specify. FOB Shipping Point.

Akro Bins sold separately
Unit of Measure


Container Quantity

N/A 4


N/A Beige Gray


N/A 18 x 19 in

Container Weight

N/A 24 lb

Quantities of Bins Able to Fit on Bin System

N/A 16 - T30210 (10 lb.) 16 - T30220 (10 lb.) 3 - T30255 (60 lb.) 9 - T30224 (30 lb.) 9 - T30230 (30 lb.) 9 - T30234 (50 lb.)